Sunday, 7 June 2015

Independent Suicide?

 One's aim in life appears to be geared towards gaining independence. First, the unaided act of walking. When those micro-sized feet grip to the floor, supporting jelly-like legs. Striding towards the next chapter of your self-sufficient life, before inevitably splatting onto a cushioned bottom. Then, the 'bird flying the nest act' when you are completely liberated from your doting parents and launched into adulthood. That is of course until you've turned your last pair of pants inside out for the final time and your bank is emptied of all purpose, so a quick visit is made home for some brief assistance. This independence apparently is not only sought after in an individuals journey in existence, but in the process of development in a country. Scotland wants skip the baby steps and completely throw itself from the comforting (or some argue compromising) nest that has been the UK for so long. Is this a leap of faith that will result in Scottish wings soaring into the fresh, un-restraining air? Or is this the step-too-many off a multi storey building onto the unforgiving concrete. 

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