Saturday, 14 May 2016

Bigger Than Your House-Pets.

We all have those fond and fluffy memories of family day trips to the zoo; but as we grow up and ask bigger questions and seek real answers, the soft, free range wool is pulled from our eyes and the truth about captive parks is revealed. There are still over 100 zoo's in the UK today despite glaringly obvious reasons to close them- as if the sad face of a lonely lion looking at you through scratched prison bars wasn't apparent enough-.
There is a wealth of information demonstrating the cruelty of these pet prisons, but incase you missed all of it, I’ll outline a few points here. One very obvious fact is that animals in zoos quite simply suffer. Numerous studies have shown the unnatural behaviours demonstrated by zoo bound animals, for example, a study found that 54% of captive elephants showed repetitive behaviour and lions spent 48% of their time pacing. But luckily, these animals don't have to walk back and forth in their boxes too long because animals have been proven to die prematurely in zoos. Elephants left to roam free in the wild live three time longer than those imprisoned in zoos. Finally, and most shockingly, surplus animals are often killed in zoos. A Captive Animals Protection Society study found that no less than 7,500 animals in European zoos can be culled at any one time. Putting them out of their misery at least, right?
Okay, so on a much smaller and borderline humane scale, there is only one analogy that I can think of that comes close to the idea of zoos, which is the unmistakable feeling cabin fever. You know that feeling when the sun is baking the pavement outside, and you're stuck inside cramming for exams but all you can think about is lounging outside in your paddling pool with a Pina Colada lovingly cradled in your hand. Add to this premature death, forced mating and a hoard of people starting at you, expecting you to do something other than lie in the corner in a melancholy state.
There are always petitions and campaigns floating about on the internet that you can sign or join to help the fight. Below are a couple of petitions that I found that you can sign if you feel the need to fight against these pet prisons.