Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Mourning People.

 An illusive breed of human willingly wanders the dark, empty early hours of the morning. Grinning it's way though the slumber slaughtering alarm, relishing the exclusive company of cock-a-doodling cockerels whilst sipping at their sweetly savoured 6 AM coffee.
 These individuals are the recipients of much jealously, drowsily masked by a cosy blanket of sleep deprived hatred. This productively propagated human is, as you may have guessed, 'the morning person'. The kind of person who trustingly needs only one alarm in the morning, to which they will spring, jump, double tuck and land in their slippers, as opposed to the rest of us who are still in deep hibernation after the 19th nagging tone.
 Us nocturnal nappers of the iPhone generation will know too well the king sized alarm list labelled with increasing urgency. Beginning with a gentle kiss of the forehead request in alarm one, to alarm eight, where punctuation is in generous supply and caps lock, military demands are rudely thrown into your 7am start, “YOU MUST GET UP NOW SOLDIER!!!!!!!” It is a shame that the active AM-ers are reprimanded for their endorphin enlightened state, but to sleep seekers, their happiness is as inappropriate as if they were beside a funeral bed.

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